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What do Penn State and the Catholic Church Have in Common?

With the arrest of Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State Football Defensive Coordinator, on molestation charges, and the subsequent scandal that rocked the renowned college football establishment, many asked how could this have been allowed to happen and why didn't anyone at Penn State stop it. Many have also asked how the years of sexual abuse could have been allowed to go unstopped in the Catholic Church as well.

My guest was be Gary Laderman, Chair of the Department of Religion, Co-Director of the Graduate Division of Religion, and Professor of American Religious History and Cultures at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. We discussed an article that Gary wrote for the online publication Religion Dispatches entitled: "Betraying a Sacred Trust: From Penn State to Dover Air Force Base". We talked about the "religion" of big money sports, particularly football, and the similarities between what was allowed to happen at Penn State and what was allowed to happen inside of the Catholic Church.

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Rev. Harriet Walden describes herself as a Spiritual Healer, a Justice worker and an Urban Mystic. She is founder of Mothers for Police Accountability, which has been around for twenty-one years, and The Family Empowerment Institution, which is working to restore Black Families. She joined me by phone from Seattle, WA and we discussed her views on social justice and the role of the Black Church. This program originally aired on 11/14/11. Contact information: 206-329-2033, revharrietwalden@gmail.comhttp://thesilentwar.org, find Mothers for Police Accountability on Facebook.

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Protest Chaplains is an organization of clergy, based in Boston, that are committed to social justice and are supporting and participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Spokane Protest Chaplains are the local "chapter" of the national Protest Chaplain movement. They are an interfaith group of local clergy and other relgious leaders that are in solidarity with Occupy Spokane. The fifteen Spokane Protest Chaplains recently marched through downtown Spokane, stopping at banks and Riverpark Square to pray, cleanse and bring attention to what they say are the "financial injustices plaguing America".

My guests were Rev. Jim Castrolang, pastor of the 1st Congregational United Church of Christ in Colville and the social media blogger for Religion News Spokane, and Rev. Deb Conklin, pastor of Libery Park United Methodist Church and St. Paul's United Methodist Church, and part of a new cooperative ministry called Oak Tree that is focused in the West Central neighborhood of Spokane.

We talked about Occupy Wall Street and the role of the Spokane Protest Chaplains in the Occupy Spokane movement, discussed their views on the role of social justice within organized religion, and the relative absence of visible religious leaders in social justice movements in the past couple of decades. This program originally aired on 11/7/11. Contact information: SpokaneProtestChaplains@gmail.com and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spokane-Protest-Chaplains/273472582693583

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"Oakhurst Presbyterian Church is unremarkable on the outside, but the congregation on the inside is quite remarkable. People from the most divergent backgrounds - middle class professionals, blue-collar and pink-collar workers, welfare recipients, old, young, and very young, black, white, Asian, gay and straight. All seem to feel comfortable there and speak their minds." Ted Clark, All Things Considered

Oakhurst Presbyterian Church, in Decatur Georgia, celebrated its 90th birthday in September. The church, led by husband-wife team Nibs Stroupe and Caroline Leach, is famous for its depictions of both a black and a white Jesus, and numerous national publications, including Time magazine, The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor, have reported on the dedication of the church and its leaders to racial diversity.

My guest was Rev. Nibs Stroupe. We discussed the 90th Anniversary of Oakurst Presbyterian Church, the decision that was made in the late 1980s to repaint one of the stained glass images of Jesus from white to black, the committment of the church congregation to diversity and inclusiveness, and the book, "O Lord, Hold Our Hands: How a Church Thrives in a Multicultural World," which Rev. Stroupe co-wrote with his wife. This program origianally aired on 10/24/11. Contact information: www.oakhurstpresbyterian.org or 404-378-6284

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The Spokane Coalition of Reason launched a billboard campaign in Spokane that was dubbed the "atheist bus ads" by the press. The question "Are You Good Without God?", and the statement, "Millions Are", was displayed on the sides of eleven STA buses during the month of September. The campaign was considered controversial by some, and offensive by others, but according to the Spokane Coalition of Reason, the goal was simply to reach out to atheists and agnostitcs in the community who may not realize that there are other like-minded people in the area. The Spokane Coalition of Reason is an alliance of three nontheistic groups in the Spokane area. I spoke to the President of one of those groups, the Spokane Secular Society, Thomas Brown. We discussed the billboard campaign, the controversy it inspired, and what the Spokane Coalition of Reason is all about. This program originally aired on 9/26/11. Contact Information: http://unitedcor.org/spokane/page/home, http://spokanesecularsociety.org

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This program focused on the 10th Anniversay of 9/11. With all of the conversations that were happening about the anniversary of 9/11, few of them offered a reflection through the eyes of the Muslim community. My guest was Arsalan Bukhari, the Executive Director of the Washington chapter of CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations). Joining Mr. Bukhari was Jennifer Gist, CAIR's Civil Rights Coordinator. CAIR is the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, with a mission to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims,and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding. We discussed 9/11, it's impact on America's Muslim community, how things have changed since 2001 (for the better or worse?), and what it's like to be Muslim in America now, ten years later. We also discussed CAIR and the work that they are doing in Washington State and around the country. Contact Information: http://cairseattle.org. This program originally aired on 9/12/11.

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I have invited two of our popular KYRS programmers to join me for a conversation about spirituality. Ned is the host of The Vinyl Hour, which airs Thursday evenings at 8pm, and Sharo is the host of The Persian Hour, which airs on Saturdays at noon. Join me for this lively round table discussion, and listen to both of their programs on KYRS - Thin Air Community Radio, www.kyrs.org. This program originally aired on 8/21/11.

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Roseanne Lasater is an ordained spiritual healer, holistic life coach and Reiki Master/Teacher. We will be discussing her fascinating journey from the world of the correctional system to the world of spiritual healing.

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Joel Williamson is a Spokane native whose first career was Lighting Design for theatre and who now works as a community organizer in order to "change his hometown for the better". He is active in the local community through churches and political groups and still does some theatre at Coeur D'Alene Summer Theatre. We will be discussing Joel's journey in regards to religion/spirituality that has taken him from atheism, which he said was caused by evangelical Christians, to a now radical Jesus centered theology, which was brought on by personal experiences with injustice and a new look at what he believes Jesus was actually about.

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In an encore to the popular program that I did last year for Father's Day, I have invited my dad, Thomas, and my brother, Rick, to came back again this year so that we can have another conversation about spirituality and fatherhood. 

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