A bi-monthly public affairs radio program that airs live on KYRS Radio, 88.1FM and 92.3FM, in Medical Lake/Spokane, WA on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Mondays of the month at 3pm (PST). The program educates listeners about the diversity of spiritual and religious views and practices; examines current local, national and international issues through a spiritual lens; and challenges the ways in which organized religion has been, and is currently being, used as a weapon of oppression. www.revolutionaryspirituality.com
Rabbi David Aaron is the founder and dean of Isralight, an international organization with centers and programs in Israel and throughout North America, offering retreats, seminars, spiritual week-end getaways, intensive growth workshops, leadership training, trips and missions to Israel. Rabbi Aaron is the son of a Holocaust survivor, who has struggled since a very early age to understand the world’s potential for hatred and paradoxical yearning for meaning, love and creativity. His own spiritual journey led him to Israel, where he studied Torah and Jewish mysticism under the tutelage of the great masters, including HaGoan Rav Shlomo Fischer Shlita. He received his Rabbinical ordination in 1979 from the Israel Torah Research Institute (ITRI) and for the past 18 years, he has dedicated himself to sharing the ancient wisdom of Torah and Jewish mysticism, and inspiring others to embrace a joyous life-long process of personal transformation, empowerment and love. This program is a live recording of one of Rabbi Aaron's lectures, based on his book, "The Secret Life of God". Originally aired on 9/29/08.
Contact Information- http://rabbidavidaaron.com or http://isralight.org,
and http://simpletoremember.com for audio and video downloads.
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Renika Williams is a Gen Xer who does not identify with any of the traditional organized religions, and neither do a growing number of young adults in this country and around the world. She offered personal insight and reflection on her reasons for her rejection of mainstream religions,  and her thoughts about spirituality and a book that she is currently reading called "Hardcore Zen" by Brad Warner. Originally aired on 9/15/08.

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties at the radio station, this show was unable to be recorded. We will disuss the topic again at a later time.


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Beverly Spears, an ordained American Baptist Minister, earned her Master's Degree in Pastoral Studies from Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry. She was ordained in the American Baptist tradition after 30-years as a Roman Catholic, and a 20-year career in public service which included several years as a senior policy analyst for the City of Seattle. She currently  serves as Congregational Ministries Coordinator for University Baptist Church in Seattle and is also a ministry consultant, specializing in the design and implementation of education and outreach programs for churches and faith-based organizations. She discusses her spiritual journey and her views regarding faith and religion. Originally aired on 9/8/08.
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Deborah Besinius and Joseph Urlacher discuss the Bahai Faith which is the youngest of the world's independent monotheistic religions. Founded in Iran in 1844, it now has more than 5 million adherents in 236 countries and territories. Bahai's come from nearly every national, religious and ethnic background, making the Baha'i Faith the second-most-widespread religion in the world.Deborah and Joseph will discuss what it means to be Bahai. Contact Information- http://bahai.us/. This show originally aired on 9/1/08.
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On Wednesday, June 11, the Prime Minister of Canada, Steven Harper, issued an "apology" to the entire Native population of Canada for the sexual and physical abuses they suffered in "residential schools" across Canada. But the Prime Minister's action is being called a criminal cover-up by some. There is irrefutable evidence of systematic mass-murder of more than 50,000 native children imprisoned in the schools. More than half of the children imprisoned in the schools never made it home alive. The schools were run by Catholic and Protestant ministers, priests and nuns, and funded by the taxpayers of Canada. The Churches and Government refuse to admit the genocide.

Former United Church Minister Kevin Annett is interviewed by Amanda Bellerby for the program Flashpoints on KPFA Radio (6/18/08), regarding his documentary film titled "Unrepentant" which exposes the Christian Church-led genocide in Canada from the 1870s to the 1990s. For information contact: www.hiddenfromhistory.org or www.flashpoints.net. This program originally aired on 8/25/08.
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Paul Susac, an "out" atheist, discusses atheism, what he believes, what he doesn't believe, the spiritual journey that led him to atheism, and his feelings regarding organized religion. The show originally aired on 8/18/08.
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Arnold Pomerantz turned 75 years old in July of 2008. In celebration of his birthday, Arnold married his partner of 27 years, becoming one of the first to take advantage of the state of California legalizing gay marriage in May of this year. Arnold discusses his coming out process, his marriage, his spiritual journey that has led him to go out into the streets of Los Angeles every week to feed the homeless, and his ongoing work with GLIDE (Gays and Lesbians Initiating Dialogue for Equality) which takes him into schools and community centers to talk about prejudice and discrimination.
Contact - www.socal-glide.org. The show originally aired on 8/4/08.
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The Guest for this week's show is Hossein Nikdel who offers an introduction to Islam. The religion, which is second largest in the world after Christianity, has over 1 billion followers. Hossein shares his perspective on Islam's basic tenets, some of the history, and discusses misunderstandings that people have about Muslims. The show originally aired on 7/28/08.
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