A bi-monthly public affairs radio program that airs live on KYRS Radio, 88.1FM and 92.3FM, in Medical Lake/Spokane, WA on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Mondays of the month at 3pm (PST). The program educates listeners about the diversity of spiritual and religious views and practices; examines current local, national and international issues through a spiritual lens; and challenges the ways in which organized religion has been, and is currently being, used as a weapon of oppression. www.revolutionaryspirituality.com

Pastor Tom Sorenson, a pastor at Monroe Congregational United Church of Christ in Monroe Washington, will be discussing his new book: "Liberating Christianity: Overcoming Obstacles to Faith in the New Millennium." Pastor Sorenson's book offers a different understanding of faith. It begins with a discussion of the universal human experience of the spiritual dimension of reality. It then discusses symbol and myth as the necessary language for communicating that experience. Pastor Sorenson goes on to explain that all human experience is necessarily subjective and that religious truth is thus also necessarily subjective. Therefore, he states, religous truth is relative, not universal and absolute. He then closes with a provacative section that replaces the dominant social conservatism of popular Christianity with Jesus's teachings of nonviolence, economic justice and radical inclusivity. This program originally aired on 3/23/09.  Contact Information - http://monroeucc.org, pastor@monroeucc.org,  or (360) 794-7601.

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Dr. Cocoa Welton, founder of the Los Angeles based Moriah Institute, is a Global Lecturer, teacher and experienced workshop facilitator who has been speaking locally and internationally for decades on topics as varied as socio-politics, human behavioral motivations, and the intersection of science and philosophy. Dr. Welton was shaped by the Black Nationalist movement of the 1960s and influenced by the teachings of Marxism and Science of Mind, amongst other things. He has studied both Eastern and Western religions, in addition to the works of Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. Stephen Hawking, Dr. Carl Sagan, and Dr. Michio Kaku, amongst many others. He has incorporated all of it into a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted understanding of the universe, life, and human behavior that he calls the "NEW INTEGRATION." Dr. Welton will be sharing his thoughts on the limitations that we place on our lives. This show originally aired on 3/16/09.

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Dr. Bill Dienst is a family and emergency physician in Omak, WA, who has frequently volunteered for humanitarian relief programs in the Middle East. In August of 2008 he was detained by Israel after delivering food and medicine to the Palestinian people in Gaza, breaking Israel's 40 year blockade. He discusses his experiences, his views on the Middle East, and how he has been changed by what he has witnessed. For More Information go to http://freegaza.org/ or Dr. Dienst's 27 photojournals on Palestine can be seen by going to http://electronicintifada.net/ and putting "dienst" into their search engine.

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