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Stan Hughes, aka Ha-Gue-A-Dees-Sas, (Seneca for "Man Seeking his People), discussed his newly released book, "Medicine Seeker: A Beginner's Walk on the Pathway to Native American Spirituality." Stan is a retired public school administrator with an extensive publication background, including an Editor's Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry. He was born on Yakima Indian territory in Washington State and grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota. While he is not enrolled in a federally recognized tribe himself, both of his grandmothers were of Native American decent. He was trained by traditional Shamans from northern California and participated in the Rite of Passage to Warrior Status in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. He is a Vietnam era veteran who served from 1959-1965. This show originally aired on 10/17/10. Contact Information: www.medicineseeker.info.

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In the midst of the uproar and protests that have surrounded the plans by developers in New York City to build what has been dubbed the "Ground Zero" Mosque, more than 30 Southern California religious leaders gathered on August 20th in downtown Los Angeles to show their support for the project, despite widespread opposition. Leaders representing more than a dozen faiths, including Jews, Muslims, Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Baptists, Quakers, Universalists, Mormons and Sufis, held a news conference in front of the Islamic Center of Southern California and issued an open letter warning that "the growing 'fear and hysteria' over the New York mosque is un-American and based on a distortion of the facts." Stephen Rohde, along with members from Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, participated in a Los Angeles gathering in support of the controversial "Ground Zero" Mosque. We will be discussing that gathering and the mission of the organization, as well as the perspective of the ICUJP on the "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy.

Stephen Rohde is a constitutional lawyer, lecturer, writer and political activist. He is the Chair the ACLU Foundation of Southern California, a founder and current President of Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace and Co-President of the Progressive Jewish Alliance. He is a past president of the Beverly Hills Bar Association. Mr. Rohde is the author of American Words of Freedom, which explores the origins, history and meaning of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. His most recent book is Freedom of Assembly which is part of the American Rights Series. He is also co-author of Foundations of Freedom published by the Constitutional Rights Foundation and has written numerous articles and book reviews on civil liberties and constitutional history. Mr. Rohde received his B.A. degree in Political Science from Northwestern University in 1966 and his J.D. degree from Columbia Law School in 1969. He is senior partner with the law firm of Rohde & Victoroff in Century City specializing in communications and intellectual property law, civil and appellate litigation and constitutional law. This show originally aired on 9/19/10. Contact Information: http://icujp.org

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