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REVOLUTIONARY SPIRITUALITY: The End of the World? - A conversation about 2012, the end of the world and the Mayan Calendar

December 21, 2012 is rapidly approaching. Does it mark the end of the world as some have claimed? Or has the Mayan calendar been misinterpreted? My guest was Charles Lightwalker and we discussed the 2012 predictions. Charles recently participated in a panel about the Mayan Calendar as a part of the Body, Mind Spirit Expo that was sponsored last month by the Spokane Holistic Chamber of Commerce. This program originally aired on 12/10/12.

Charles Lightwalker currently serves as Executive Director at The Family of Light Healing Centre located in Spokane, WA. Before joining The Family of Light Healing Centre, Charles served as Chief Executive Officer at New Age Resources, a Business Consulting and Marketing Firm, and prior to that he served as Executive Director at Community Services of the North Coast.

Charles serves on the boards of Washington State Holistic Chamber of Commerce, the Metis Medicine Society, the International Association of Medical Intuitives, the Vibrational Yoga Alliance, the Metaphysical Research Society and is on the Advisory Council for the USA Holistic Chamber of Commerce movement. He earned a PhD in Religous Studies from Newport University in 1980. He also studied and was Certified in Spiritual Healing in 1990 attended through Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewardsand was also ordained as a Minister in through them 1990. Charles also has certification in Sound Healing using Tuning forks, is a Reiki Master in 25 different methods, is a certified Vibrational Yoga Instructor, and Initiation as a Metis Shaman.

Contact Information: www.thefamilyoflight.com

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